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First off, congratulations! You’re here at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, taking your first step in the transition into college! The change can be unfamiliar and scary, but with SLO Days, you’ll acclimate quickly into Cal Poly. This great orientation program will be your first taste of the Cal Poly experience! But, it’s only two days… How should you make the most of it?

Come Prepared and Be Prepared

By now, you may have been on one or two tours, so you already have a rough idea of Cal Poly as a location. The campus is very hilly and can get very hot. “A lot of students don’t know what to expect going into SLO Days. What to wear, what to pack and how to maintain energy is important.” Child development alumnus Sophie Richman remembers her experience as a SLO Days leader: “[Incoming freshmen] sometimes aren’t used to the heat or the hills or try to ‘dress to impress’ and overdress.” Richman recommends that students wear t-shirts, shorts and walking shoes, as well as to keep in mind that orientation days have late nights and early mornings.

Keep an Open Mind

“Be ready for tough and controversial conversation. Keep an open mind about things,” Richman said. Cal Poly is proud to have orientation programs that involve intimate talks about diversity, political correctness and how to build a respectful community in SLO. Try opening dialogues with students and acknowledging differing opinions. College is a time for respectful discussion about hard topics.

Ask Questions

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” English sophomore Anna Davis urges. “I came with lots of questions on how to register for classes and major changes, and it was nice to have some worries disappear when I received concrete answers.” Davis commends her orientation leaders; They are here to answer all questions. Ask away!

Be Friendly and Outgoing

Graphic communications sophomore Mckenna Moura encourages you to “put yourself out there.” Since you’ll be grouped by college, SLO Days is a great opportunity to get to know students that will be around campus and in your major. “Everyone is in the same boat as you. The more open you are, the easier it’ll be forming those new connections with people.” The students around you might even be in some of your classes. So, take initiative and say hello to your future lab partner!

Soak it all in

“They honestly throw a lot of info on academics at you, and there are so many locations on the tours. Take any advice that’s given seriously,” business administration sophomore Tali Pilip said. SLO Days is chock full of useful information about the Cal Poly portal and the on-campus career services. Pilip said how “grateful [she] was to have leaders that gave so much info.” Trying to retain some of it will serve you well going into other orientation events and get prepare you for your first year at Cal Poly.
Now that you have a few things to consider going into orientation, have a great SLO Days! Make the most of this event and use the guidance for the coming years because those two days will go by faster than you know it.

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