Graig Mantle

CPTV has been working out of two offices for a long time. Finally, the recording studio has been expanded and the production room has moved in right next to it. The first live broadcast from the new setup will happen tonight at 8.

“It is very disjointed when the studio and production is downstairs,” said journalism senior Pieter Neethling. “It is going to allow for greater communication.”

Though the move is not revolutionary, it is adding convenience to the once frustrating situation.

“The room is bigger and a lot nicer,” said Jordan Iserson, a journalism junior. “It’s easy to get claustrophobic in such a little room.”

On top of convenience there is also a capability to practice professionalism, said journalism junior Christina Natale. “The new setup is much closer to an actual layout. We are given a chance to practice in a professional atmosphere,” she said.

Before, there was no capability to do a newsroom shot, Neethling said. A newsroom shot is when the anchor tosses something to a reporter just a few feet away and it is a common occurrence in most television stations, he said.

“The move isn’t even the most exciting part for us,” Natale said. “We got a lot of new equipment which will benefit us as far as technology goes.”

The construction started just before winter break and is mostly completed, Iserson said.

“There are still some finishing touches, but it is fully functional now,” he said.

Though the move isn’t gigantic for CPTV, KCPR, the Cal Poly radio station, will be moving upstairs as well.

“Their equipment is almost 25 years old,” Neethling said. “KCPR is more revolutionary.”

Another convenient addition to the new room is live CNN feed, he said. “We can use live video from CNN if something major happens.”

The step is an important one for CPTV. “Now we can spread out and enjoy our time up there, especially since so many of us are there for hours and hours,” Iserson said. “It’s a big step.”

“There is still a lot to be done,” Natale said. “It will take awhile to get everything into place, but it’s exciting to have it.”

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