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Cultural Faculty Staff Associations leaders released a statement in support of the SLO Solidarity movement. Faculty and staff members from the American Indian and Indigenous Faculty Staff Association, Asian Pacific-Islander Faculty Staff Association, Black Faculty and Staff Association, Chicana Latino Faculty Staff Association and Pride Faculty Staff Association included their opinions in the statement.

“(We) want SLO Solidarity students to know that we have heard your concerns and support you in your struggle to effect change on our campus,” the statement read.

 The statement read as follows:

“We are vehemently against the hate speech, the threats, and the overall hostile environment students are experiencing at Cal Poly. As a result, we are taking the following actions:

  1. We will be writing a letter to administration supporting your request for action and accountability; 
  2. We are creating a Cultural Faculty Staff Associations Working Group to actively explore the status and feasibility of the demands, working with campus administration and the programs and departments identified (e.g., Greek Life, Housing, Admissions, etc.) and reporting back on our findings; 
  3. We are working with OUDI to immediately identify temporary safe places for SLO Solidarity students to convene during these last two weeks of fall quarter; 
  4. Most importantly, we care about your well-being and are available to support all of our students. Some representatives from the Cultural FSAs will be at the UU on Monday, December 7th, 4PM – 6:30 PM to hear your concerns and be on hand for additional support. Other meetings for students and faculty may be taking place this week and next week and we encourage you to participate.”

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