Graig Mantle

Measure J passed yesterday after a 16-year battle by Ernie Dalidio to get the petition on the ballot.

“They brought the champagne,” said Stephanie Yurchak, a celebrating Measure J proponent.

The 51 acres of land that Dalidio owns – located on Madonna Road – will be devoted to a shopping center. This will include Target and Lowe’s.

The development will help to “moderate escalating rents in downtown San Luis Obispo by increasing options for retail space,” according to Measure J proponents.

The rest of the land will include a business park, housing, an organic farm and sports fields.

Those opposing the initiative are concerned about the financial impact, which will affect about 30 percent of the city businesses.

Yurchak thinks the initiative will bring a positive impact.

“It’s gonna keep the dollars here in San Luis Obispo,” she said.

Dalidio feels that the new constructions will not drive away business, but attract more shoppers downtown, and encourage more people to come to San Luis Obispo.

Opponents are worried about increased traffic, which according to Caltrans will be a “nightmare.”

Construction of the overpass is one of the biggest hurdles to decreasing traffic and alleviating concerns, Dalidio said.

“A lot of that’s in the hands of Caltrans,” he added.

Caltrans has committed $2 million in revenue, and $1 million will come from tax revenues for road improvements, Dalidio said.

Dalidio has already started making plans for construction.

“We’re gonna give it our effort to move it forward,” he said.

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