Ryan Chartrand

The “spider building” is set to be completely renovated starting in fall 2008. Also known as the science center, its renovation, along with other renovation projects around campus are dependent on ballot measure 1D passing in November.

The proposal will allot about $16.7 million to Cal Poly, and will not have a direct tax impact. Instead, the money will be added to state debt that will be paid off at a later time.

With extra money for renovations, this will help the school to stay current. Especially the science center, which is claimed as the “oldest chemistry lab in the CSU (system),” said Larry Kelly, vice president of finance and student affairs.

“The technologies of the facility should be pretty fresh,” said Kelly.

Measure 1D will provide the final funding necessary to complete the “new” science center, for a total amount of $125 million. This figure is much farther away from the original cost of the building, at just under $2 million.

First classes were held in the fall of 1955 with final completion of facilities in December of that year.

The original area was at 91,900 square feet. The projected size for the new building is 173,340 square feet, said a facilities planning representative.

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