The following text is taken from a transcript of Osama Bin Laden’s video he sent just before the 2004 elections. Enjoy. Oh, and please don’t share your ideas or opinions anymore. The world will be a better place without them.

BIN LADEN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): “When America allowed the Israelis to raid Lebanon, the sixth American Fleet helped in that. And during that difficult time many feelings went through me, which were difficult for me, but it has resulted in creating a feeling of rejection of oppression and to try to take revenge against the oppressors.

And as a result of seeing these towers, destroyed towers in Lebanon, I thought that we have to destroy towers in America, too, so that they may taste what we have tasted and as they have killed our children and women.”

Did you get that Scott? I think what Osama was trying to say is that he disapproved of our involvement in the Israel vs. Palestine and Israel vs. Lebanon conflicts, and not because “we’re successful; because we treat women with dignity, and most importantly because we support democracy in the face of oppression all over the world.” If you were correct in your assumptions, which you aren’t, I’d hate to see the terrorist backlash if we were to allow gays to get married. I’m sure they just despise gays.

But, I must say that I am glad you treat women with dignity, because that isn’t a quality you find too often in our society these days. I mean, we do let them vote, but that is just to keep them from taking off their brassieres.

Leonard Bessemer

Art and design senior

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