Is everyone on the men’s soccer team as sensitive as Eric Ward? One critical opinion on our terrible coach Wolfgang (and yes I say “our” because the soccer team is representative of Cal Poly of which I am affiliated) and Mr. Ward gets a little riled up.

First off, Mr. Bozigar’s letter was an attack on the coach and not the players. I know the players work extremely hard every day, training and conditioning as well as attending school, but your dismal record (6-14 overall, 2-10 conference) does not show any justice to your effort. Cal Poly has posted a pitiful 12-37-3 record in conference play since joining the Big West in 2001, hasn’t had a winning season since 1998 (barely a winning season, 11-7-2), and hasn’t made the playoffs since 1995. The common denominator through all of these terrible seasons has been one person: Wolfgang Gartner. Maybe you could beat any intramural team even though you had one rough season . . . but Cal Poly has had 10 straight rough seasons.

Secondly, implying that Mr. Bozigar is not a loyal fan because he is unsatisfied with the outcome of your games is incorrect. Mr. Bozigar is in fact a fan loyal enough to take the time to take action for his discontent because he cares about the team. If Cal Poly gets more fans going to games like Mr. Bozigar, things might change so the men’s soccer program could finally achieve some success.

Jason Shapiro

Aerospace engineering grad student

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