An attempted sexual assault was reported at a March 5 Delta Chi party at this location. The reported assault on March 31, which led Cal Poly to suspend the fraternity, took place at a house where three out of the seven residents are Delta Chi members. | File photo

Delta Chi has been placed on social probation while the Dean of Students office investigates the reported attempted sexual assault that occurred at the fraternity’s party on March 5.

While the investigation — conducted by Cal Poly’s Title IX Coordinator Tera Bisbee — is underway, the fraternity will be barred from hosting social events, but is allowed to continue with brotherhood, philanthropy and athletic functions.

Delta Chi’s social probation began on March 8 and will extend until the completion of the investigation and the Dean of Students’ administrative review. Fraternities are not allowed to host social events during finals week, which began on March 14, and usually do not during spring break.

Due to victim privacy concerns, university spokesperson Matt Lazier said he had no additional information about the nature of the investigation or the March 5 report, including whether the alleged attacker is a member of Delta Chi.

Delta Chi President and civil engineering senior Steven Pollock said his fraternity still doesn’t have any information about the investigation beyond what was included in a campuswide email on March 7.

“It feels like everybody is in the dark, but we are too,” Pollock said.

Pollock also did not confirm that the incident occurred — as far as he knows, it was only an alleged attack.

During its time on probation, Delta Chi will be the best fraternity it can be, Pollock said.

“This is not a reflection of our fraternity, and the people that know us know who we are,” Pollock said. “They hold us to a high moral status, the same as any other organization associated with the Cal Poly name.”

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