Ryan Chartrand

Brian Eller, while you have a valid point, you blame the wrong people. How can you pretend that Democrats are hindering the education system? The reason these leaders oppose school choice is because they are able to foresee the problem that it would create: obviously, everyone would choose the better schools. How would you decide who gets into the better schools and who goes to the shitty ones? You say to “let the worst (schools) die off.” That is shocking to me. If we did what you propose we would soon have a country full of hoodrats and delinquents, for lack of better words. Maybe the problem with our country is that we do not care in the least about other, mostly less fortunate people… Mr. Eller…? If I am not mistaken, the government has been run by primarily ‘moral’ republicans for the last seven years, correct? If this is so, why hasn’t the problem been solved? The reason is because the problem is more complex than incorrectly pinning the blame on your opposing political party. While ‘Democrats’ oppose school selection, you Republicans who support it would no doubt be first in line to choose your schools. I am lightly offended by your one-sidedness on this matter, your willingness to pin the blame on anyone but yourself and who you side with, and your lack of compassion for others.

Thank goodness you aren’t going into social services with your fancy engineering degree, or we all would be in trouble,

Andrew Ouellet
Mechanical engineering freshman

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