District 2 celebrates after winning the Greek Week lip sync competition on Sunday | Courtesy Photo

Celina Oseguera

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Sunday had only one event, but with the opportunity to gain 200 points for their team, all the Greek Week teams — divided up into Hunger Games-style “districts” — gave it their all to bring home the gold.

The districts went on stage to perform their best lip sync performance, attempting to sing and dance their way to first place. District 2 captured the victory, and moved forward as winners of Greek Week 2014.

Here are the final district rankings for Greek Week 2014.

First: District 2 (red)

Second: District 5 (gold)

Third: District 4 (purple)

Fourth: District 8 (lime)

Fifth: District 6 (maroon)

Sixth: District 1 (dark blue)

Seventh: District 7 (light blue)

Eighth: District 3 (green)

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