Well, it looks like Matt Bushman is starting off this year (You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms, Oct. 11, 2006) the way he ended last year, spouting only the facts that suit his theories and ignoring the others.

Let’s see where to start. First off, as far as North Korea goes, blaming Clinton and Carter is a bit interesting, considering that the Democrats’ 12 years in office over this time pale next to the Republicans’ 18 years in office since 1976. If anyone had anything to do with it, you’d think it’d be the ones who were there most of the time. Oh wait, I forgot, Democrat’s manage their time better so they can get more done (blatant sarcasm).

Let me put it this way: If a bomb had gone off in early 2001, before Bush had a chance to do anything, I’d say that maybe it wasn’t his fault. As it is, Clinton hasn’t negotiated for six years. Why is it that Republicans always want to blame him for everything? Ah yes, because it’s easier than admitting that they did something wrong.

And let’s not forget under whose watch the bomb went off either.

Please Mr. Bushman, I’d appreciate it if your arguments were something that a third grader’s knowledge of recent history couldn’t unravel.

Troy Kuersten
Aerospace engineering senior

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