There was a short article in the Oct. 4 Cal Poly Report announcing that Mustang Graphics (which includes Pony Prints in the library) will be closed next month. This was shocking news.

As a staff member in an academic department, I’ve utilized the services of Mustang Graphics for many years. It’s currently run under the Cal Poly Corporation (Foundation), but it had formerly been state-run, and for awhile had gone by the name of Reprographics.

It’s true that some of the services that Mustang Graphics could provide on-site had become limited, in part due to the need to replace equipment; but they still ran the majority of our jobs, and as far as I could tell were doing a booming business. I was pleased when they purchased a new plate-maker over the summer. This meant fewer jobs would have to be outsourced to off-campus printers – a big reason why the news was so unexpected.

Perhaps the Cal Poly Corporation has some plan in mind that wasn’t divulged in the Cal Poly Report. But as it stands now, it appears there will be no walk-up print shop on campus – even the small place that was on the first floor of the UU is now gone – a great inconvenience to students, faculty, and staff alike.

The student-run University Graphic Systems is still open, but doesn’t offer the same services. I’m most disappointed by the closing of Mustang Graphics and Pony Prints because it means the loss of a wonderful staff.

Though some things changed at Mustang Graphics over the years, one thing that stayed consistent was the outstanding service of its employees, including student assistants. They are all incredibly knowledgeable, professional, hard-working and friendly, and I will miss them greatly.

Michele Abba
Music department staff member

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