A Cal Poly student was arrested May 13 on drug-related charges on campus.

Philosophy freshman James Fitzpatrick was arrested on suspicion of possessing, with the intent to sell, the hallucinatory drug dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT. He also allegedly possessed an unspecified amount of marijuana for sale in his dorm room at Yosemite Hall.

Fitzpatrick was charged with four counts relating to possession of drugs, including possession with intent to distribute for sale.
University police said the amount of drugs were not substantial and the operation did not appear to be sophisticated. The department is investigating the case to determine if any other people may be involved.

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    1. Selina, I have to respond because I remember you’re equally foolish comment on another student arrest article…

      Now, the fact that you may or may not agree with the reasons for the arrest doesn’t change the fact that an arrest occurred — or its newsworthiness!

      Do you really believe that arrests aren’t news and that they shouldn’t be reported on?! If someone is arrested for rape on campus, should the Daily not report on it because that case hasn’t gone to trial yet? No, obviously it would be of great importance to report on that incident. I would hope that the Daily reports on any arrests that occur on campus. What about the student that sent out death threat emails as a Halloween ‘prank’ a few years ago…was his arrest not news either?

      Now, I happen to agree with Jim and think that most drugs should be legalized, and thus that this arrest is unconstitutional and unfair. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the arrest itself did happen and that it is news. The newspaper isn’t accusing anyone of anything. Note the words ON SUSPICION OF. Nobody said he did it, they said he was *arrested* on these *charges*.

      What makes your comment even more sad is that you seem to forget that the newspaper reports on everything it does for YOUR benefit. Newspapers exist to inform YOU, the public, its consumer. Clearly you see some value or you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

      Haha, and you can’t even accuse the Daily of only wanting to ‘sell more papers’ because it’s a free paper…

      1. What is sad is your belief this is newsworthy. If the Mustang wants to report on a rape or some crime against another person like the aforementioned e-mail, then that’s totally justified. It’s stupid to believe like you do that those crimes could even compare to drug possession/intent to sell.

        If I really wanted to see the petty crimes that were happening on campus, I’d check with the police and their activity log http://www.police.calpoly.edu/activity_logs/updlog.asp.

        This is not newsworthy at all, and for some reason you take personal offense at this. There’s a reason why my GRC friends who’ve had to proofread the paper in the past called it the “Mistake Daily” (no offense to other authors who write about more substantial things in life, I appreciate those breathers).

        You want to fish for an argument? Go bother someone else, unless you were the one who wrote this.

        It’s a bit unfair those other students were humiliated by their school newspaper by having identifiable photographs, but not this guy. I’d like to know why it was selectively not posted, but their’s was.

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