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Look out, Cal Poly — there’s a new trending food item coming to downtown San Luis Obispo.

On April 5, Downtown Boba opened shop on 1133 Garden St.

Downtown Boba serves bubble tea, otherwise known as boba, and is the second such shop to open in San Luis Obispo.

“The most popular drink here is definitely the classic milk tea or the strawberry snow bubble,” Downtown Boba employee and aerospace engineering sophomore Tina Nguyen said.

If you’re not a fan of tea, the snow bubble or slushees are the most popular, Nguyen said.

The difference between those two is the slushees have more ice and the snow bubble has more milk in it, so it’s creamier and thicker.

Lactose-intolerant individuals also have options to join in on the experience — Nguyen said people tend to order drinks such as tea.

“We’re trying to work on some more recipes for that to add to the menu,” she said.

In addition to tea, snow bubble and slushees, Downtown Boba offers coffee and dessert crêpes.

In the few days it has been open, Downtown Boba has already seen its fair share of customers. The popularity and demand for the shop was evident the night of the grand opening.

“At one point there (were) over 50 people and a huge line out the door,” Nguyen said. “So far everyone has been really happy with the boba.”

For those seeking a job, résumés are being accepted.

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