Photo of downtown parking structure entrance. Credit: Carolyne Sysmans | Mustang News / Mustang News

San Luis Obispo City Coucil approved the city’s Access and Parking Management Plan on March 7, establishing 35 new strategies to support downtown businesses and employee transportation needs.

Strategies include improved wayfinding signage to direct drivers to downtown structures, as well as a variety of strategies to incentivize off-street parking in structures.

According to the city website, the new plan aims to transition to virtual parking permits, expand off-street electric vehicle charging for vehicles and e-bikes, as well as expand downtown parking permit options to include daily parking bundles.

The plan also aids the city’s goal to achieve community-wide carbon neutrality by 2035 by encouraging more sustainable modes of transportation, promoting off-street parking and keeping on-street parking available for accessibility needs.

The city is also working to become a more bike-friendly city by installing new bike parking, promoting bicycle valet parking, and to modifying downtown streets consistent with the Downtown Concept Plan.

Read more of the city’s parking plans online here.