This week, the California State Legislature will be voting on a bill that directly affects many students here at Cal Poly and others all over the state. The bill, AB 2813, would increase the number of Cal Grants available and broaden the age requirement allowing more students access to affordable higher education.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Dial: 916-319-2046 (Office of Assembly Speaker Nunez)

Receptionist: Hello?

Compassionate Cal Poly Student: Hi, my name is ___________, I am a student at Cal Poly and I am calling to urge the speaker to fulfill the master plan by expanding the CalGrant program. Specifically, I urge the speaker to use the power of his office to take AB2813 off the suspense file in the Appropriations Committee. Thank you.

This two-minute phone call could make the difference in another student’s future. So, please, take the time to call. If we bombard Nunez’s office with calls for the next couple of days, he will listen to what we have to say.

Erica Janoff

Industrial engineering sophomore

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