Who’s paying for a former U.S. DOA Undersecretary Adviser?

Oh, me! And you! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt Mr. Jen’s qualification, but I thought we were already paying Baker to do this stuff. Read between the lines. This job was specifically arranged for Jen? So, pretty much, lemme get this straight. Jen was feeling down cause his “worthwile contribution to society” is Prego spaghetti sauce, so he calls Baker up crying on the other end. Baker tells him something like, “don’t worry, sweetheart, it’s gonna be all right,” and fandangles a high-paying job for Jen-ie poo.

The Mustang Daily said he will be using his experience to find internships for facutly and students. So what has the Career Services department been doing all this time? And what about these other advisers to Baker – what are they all doing? Why are we spending our money on these people?

Or maybe I have it all backwards. You know what’s probably going on, the advisers are totally kick-ass and Baker is the worthless sack of moldy oranges.

Thomas Kuhn

Mechanical engineering senior

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