The images placed on Dexter are supposed to keep women from having an abortion. Well, I stared at the images for a long time, but during that whole time, not once, did any of those images communicate how one could prevent pregnancy or how one can deal with an unwanted pregnancy without aborting it. The images were shocking and disgusting, but that was it.

Maybe it would be more beneficial to the community if the posters had some sort of diagram on how to use a condom properly, or ways that one can show affection and intimacy without having sex. I think that would help prevent pregnancies and abortions. But if you really want to be graphic, show a picture of a woman’s torn vagina as a ham-sized baby comes out of her crotch. I promise that will prevent abortions.

If you really care about these unborn “children” you’ll step down from your soapboxes and do something to help women with unwanted pregnancies instead of continually persecuting them. The problem isn’t abortion. Abortion is only a symptom of the real problem, and that problem is unwanted pregnancy. If a woman who doesn’t want a child doesn’t get pregnant, she can’t possibly have an abortion. No law, or picture can stop abortion. People will continue to have sex. and we can’t control that. In order to save lives we have to educate people to make healthy and proper decisions when it comes to sex. By educating them you’ll prevent unwanted pregnancies and in return, prevent abortions.

Last of all, the more you keep from our youth, the more you hurt them. By teaching someone how to use a condom or where to get birth control doesn’t mean you condone the behavior. It just means that you trust them enough to make the right choice and decide what is best for them. Education, not ignorance, is the key.

Leonard Bessemer

Art and design junior

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