I am writing in response to Brian Eller’s Tuesday May 9 installation of “The Right Way.” The column primarily dealt with public spending in San Luis Obispo, but also included a brief discussion of the recent ASI elections. Eller named sustainability as one of several important election issues. He expressed his apathy toward the subject of sustainability with a parenthetical “personal eye roll.”

Sustainability was an election topic for a reason, Eller. It is important that people everywhere make an effort to curtail environmentally harmful practices. Specifically, it is important that college students take notice of environmental issues.

I am surprised that Eller, a materials engineering student, thinks sustainability to be an issue of so little consequence. The engineers of tomorrow have a responsibility to ensure the health of our earth for future generations. I understand that many people attach a “hippie stigma” to the word “sustainability,” but I am confident that it is an issue better addressed sooner than later.

Matt Hutton

Mechanical engineering junior

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