Saturday’s football game was by far the best football game I have ever attended at Cal Poly. And I want to thank each and every fan that came. YOU ROCKED. The unity shown in everyone standing the entire game nearly brought tears to my eyes. The dancing to the music during breaks in play put a smile on my face that still remains to this day. I have been waiting six years to see a fan base this spirited. And now that it has reared its beautiful head I find myself extremely excited. Imagine the possibilities . 3,000 thundering students cheering “Beat Davis.” I cannot wait until this weekend, for I can only imagine how much crazier the game is going to be. So keep up the spirit, Cal Poly. And while you’re at it, bring some of that energy to other great Cal Poly teams like our No. 20 volleyball and men’s and women’s soccer teams just to name a few. Here at Cal Poly, we do not only have some of the best teams in the nation, we have the best fans in the nation.

Scott Kirkish
Civil engineering senior and
Mustang Maniacs president

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