Dating is definitely going extinct. I mean are people just too afraid of being forward or getting hurt? I think in order for people to have any chance at finding someone or seeing if the “apple of their eye” feels the same way they need to ask them out! There needs to be a distinction between the just friends and more.

Many people suffer from the confusion of what hanging out actually means in terms of relationships between people. Everything can be easily worked out by communicating with people or taking on the age old ritual of dating. Most girls I know like the idea of dating. It is romantic and slower paced. It is also a lot less confusing. You know that the reason you are there is because you like someone and want to get to know them better.

Guys and girls need to be brave, take the first step and ask someone out, at least then you will know off the bat whether you have a chance or not.

Staci Pearson
Physics and mathematics junior

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