Fremont's study room has been closed due to potential mudslides. Austin Linthicum / Mustang News

On Wednesday night, students displaced by Fremont Hall’s sudden closure gathered in the Multi Activity Center (MAC) to address its next steps. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Fremont is closed for the rest of the academic year. According to President Jeffrey Armstrong, Fremont will now become a construction zone.

2. Mudslides brought by heavy rain were what destabilized the resident hall.

According to Interim Director of Facility Operations Jude Fledderman, two storms brought three to five inches of rain and toppled the already problematic rain water on the surface of the slide. The slide was caused by underwater surface flow, which starts up by the P and pushes downhill.

In the last few days, the mudslides grew 30-40 feet in the parking lot.

Fledermann says that the slide has grown about 50 feet up the hill. Over eight feet of mud has gathered on the side of Fremont’s study area as well.

4. Students have the option to move off campus, into the study rooms of other dorms, or into Poly Canyon Village (PCV).

5. Those who opt to move off campus will be reimbursed for what they would have paid for the remainder of the year in Fremont housing.

They will also be released from their dining plans.

6. Students who move into PCV will be charged what they would have been paying for in Fremont.

7. Students who decide to stay in the study rooms will be charged a triple (three-person room) rate minus 10 percent.

8. Packing supplies were available for students Thursday to move to their new rooms.

They were only allowed to bring all that they could carry.

9. Movers came in Friday to gather the rest of student’s belongings.

10. Fremont is expected to reopen in Fall 2017 for students.

Video by James Hayes

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