Credit: Austin Linthicum | Mustang News

Cal Poly is asking campus residents to reduce all non-essential water usage after a university reservoir pump was taken out of service Sunday. However, University Spokesperson Matt Lazier said these measures will only ensure campus water reserves stay at normal levels and there is no danger of running out of water.

While the university is only requesting residents cut water usage where they can, a campus-wide email said water could be completely shut off for a short period of time while repairs are being made.

The broken pump is one of two that feeds water from a campus reservoir near the Village Drive parking structure. It was disabled due to excessive leakage, according to Lazier.

While the remaining operating pump will cover normal operations, Facilities Management and Development wants to maintain water levels at another campus reservoir near the “P” until the failed pump is back in service, Lazier said.

The second pump is expected to be restored by Tuesday, Nov. 19, according to the campus-wide email.

While the repairs are being made, all landscape irrigation systems will be shutoff. Water needed for critical agriculture operations will still be available.

In the event more water is used than expected while repairs are being made, the on-campus water supply would simply be less than desired, Lazier said.

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