Please tell me you’re joking. You really think that career-driven women contribute any more to “divorce rates and broken homes” than career-driven men? Any adult who puts his or her career before family contributes to this problem.

While many women are more predisposed to be the primary caregiver than their male counterparts, women who have chosen a career over (or in conjunction with) motherhood contribute vastly to society. There are many professions that greatly benefit from the female workforce. Can you see why it might be good to have both male and female social workers, therapists, doctors and yes, even scientists and engineers?

I am a firm believer that diversity contributes to technological advancement. The more viewpoints present, the better the chance of coming up with new and better ideas. And you would be hard-pressed to convince me that four white protestant males will have four completely different ways of looking at the world.

I have no intent to down-play the value of the stay-at-home mom. If a woman (or man) is content to spend her life raising children, more power to them. But many of us crave mental stimulation that goes beyond changing diapers and reading stories.

Oh, and let me clarify one more thing. We female engineers have NO problem finding men who appreciate our intelligence, confidence AND earning capabilities. And because most of us are feminists (read: promoters of equality), we feel no urge to lord over our partners.

Tegan Lentz

Mechanical engineering senior

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