Ms. Potter, I am not the type to criticize what others want to do with their degree but I am appalled by what you have said in your letter. Go ahead and earn your MRS degree if that is what you want to do, but do not under any circumstances try and tell all the other women on this campus what they are doing will leave them as women that will never find a husband or if they do that they will have a broken home.

Women have made so many advances in the past century and it seems as if you want them all taken away. I personally (and I know I speak for most of the women on this campus) do not believe that women need to be held back by the archaic view that a woman’s place in life is at home. I have a passion for science I am going to go to graduate school to pursue my quest for more knowledge.

Also to your comment about the correlation between broken homes and women working – I highly disagree. My mother has worked my entire life and my parents have been married for 31 years now. I also shared this article with my sister who is a liberal studies major at another school and she could not believe what you wrote either. She is in the major because she loves working with children and has a passion for teaching.

Michelle Parker

Biological sciences senior

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