City of San Luis Obispo firefighters responded to a small trash can fire in Architecture and Environmental Design (building 5) Thursday. | Benjy Egel/Mustang News

Benjy Egel
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A fire started on the third floor of Architecture and Environmental Design (building 5) Thursday afternoon and was put out with fire extinguishers at the scene before firefighters arrived, San Luis Obispo City Fire Department Cpt. Mike Clinite said.

The small blaze started in a trash can on an outdoor third-floor studio, and smoke could be seen coming from the building. The cause is under investigation.

Firefighters minimized “hot spots” where the trash can had been by separating and scraping burnt chunks of material.

“It’s called ‘overhaul,’” Clinite said. “We just make sure it’s completely extinguished so if the wind kicks up or something like that, it can’t reignite. We’ll sift through the debris, find signs of where it originated from and determine what the cause was.”

Clinite called off other units once his unit and University Police Department officers arrived on the scene. He estimated the fire lasted no longer than six minutes.

Two professors emerged from the scene with fire extinguishers, but both declined to comment.

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