Briana Whitney/Multimedia Journalist

Brooke Sperbeck

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Emergency crews responded to a kitchen fire at the 1305 building of the Foothill Gardens apartment complex at approximately 7:30 p.m. Monday evening, agricultural and environmental plant sciences junior Marisa Lim said.

“I was trying to fry chicken and I was boiling oil and when I put the chicken in, the oil splashed out and the burner caught fire and I couldn’t turn off the stove or remove it from the fire, so I called 911 and here we are,” Lim said.

After seeing flames, Lim called 911 and fled the apartment. The San Luis Obispo Police Department, Fire Department and Cal Fire were all on scene and there were no injuries. Lin said she was unsure about the extent of the damage inside her apartment.

Briana Whitney contributed to this report.