The Cal Poly Bike Builders Club built the tricycles for the race. Chris Fedor | Courtesy Photo

Cal Poly’s first ever Tricycle Derby will be held Thursday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. outside of Campus Market.

Hosted by the Cal Poly Bike Builders Club ― an on-campus mechanical engineering-based club ― the event will feature as many as 27 volunteer participants as they race around a short loop on tricycles to compete in a championship bracket-style tournament.

In affiliation with Associated Student, Inc.’s Bike to School Day Thursday, the Cal Poly Bike Builders Club will co-host the race with the Cal Poly Cycling Team.

“As a club, we are dedicated to developing a deep understanding of bicycle design,” Bike Builders Club President and mechanical engineering junior Chris Fedor said.

While the club has existed for more than a decade, Fedor hopes to inspire interest in the group among students outside the mechanical engineering department.

“It’s a fun and entertaining way to get involved,” Fedor said.

Mechanical engineering junior and Cal Poly Cycling Team member Derek Klemm  is competing in the tricycle race and hopes the competition will not only strengthen the bond between the two clubs, but also expose outsiders to what the organizations are all about.

Klemm commented on the fact that club members custom designed the tricycles that will be used for the competition. Each tricycle is made out of recycled bike parts and scraps of material.

“[The tricycles are] gonna be funky,” Klemm said. “Most of the bikes are made out of office chairs and old bikes welded together. There’s definitely going to be some weird contraptions.”

In order to compete, each participant needs to bring a helmet. All other materials will be provided. Registration will be Nov. 9 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. outside of Campus Market.

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