ASI Presidential candidates (from left to right): Jason Colombini, Nate Honeycutt, Haley Houle and Daniel Wasta.

Sean McMinn

The names and colleges of all candidates for next year’s Associated Students, Inc. leadership were made public this week, revealing a pool of four students aiming for the ASI presidency and 62 who will campaign for the Board of Directors.

Two of the four candidates are not currently members of ASI; agricultural business junior Jason Colombini is the Interfraternity Council president, and political science junior Daniel Wasta is a resident advisor in Sequoia Hall. Sociology senior Haley Houle, who chairs the ASI-run University Union Advisory Committee, and psychology junior Nate Honeycutt, who represents the College of Liberal Arts on the ASI Board of Directors, are also running.

Assuming no candidates exit the race or are disqualified during academic reviews, this April 24 election cycle will be the first since 2009 with more than two students running for president. Because of this, Student Life and Leadership Director Stephan Lamb said it opens the possibility of a more complex election system in which each student has two votes for president, and the winner must take a majority of votes cast.

Write-in candidates can still join the election, Lamb said, but must register with ASI.

Jason Colombini

  • Major: Agricultural business junior
  • Experience: Former ASI Board of Directors College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences representative
  • Words from a supporter: (Fraternity brother Hayden Richter)He’s extremely good at organization and following bylaws, creating bylaws and using them effectively and to the point. He doesn’t make mistakes — in the sense people do stuff and then realize they’re wrong. He always does things right the first time.”

Nate Honeycutt

  • Major: Psychology junior
  • Experience: ASI Board of Directors College of Liberal Arts representative
  • Words from a supporter: (ASI executive member Cale Reid) “Nate is definitely a different candidate than what we’ve seen before. I see Nate as someone who, at the end of the day, wants to honestly represent the student body and do what’s best for the student population. I think it’s because of the experience he’s had on the Board of Directors, and kind of having that background of representing the student body.”

Haley Houle

  • Major: Sociology senior
  • Experience: University Union Advisory Board chair
  • Words from a supporter: (Sorority sister Alex Spooner) “I’ve definitely seen she puts 100 percent into everything she does. That girl has her schedule booked from mornings to night with meetings, interviews — it’s just everything. She works with the police staff and everyone, and I know she’s ready to take the next step in running for ASI president.”

Daniel Wasta

  • Major: Political science junior
  • Experience: Sequoia Hall resident adviser
  • Words from the campaign: Campaign manager Wyatt Oroke declined to comment and added no resident advisers who work with Wasta in Sequoia Hall could comment because they are involved in campaigning.

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