Joe Huber, a third year business major, prepares to head to this year’s Fall Career Fair. Jake Douglas | Mustang News

Fall Career Fair is an important event that could help you get a headstart in the job market before graduation. At the fair, you can meet and talk to employers about their businesses and prospective positions. Even if you aren’t looking to be hired, you can still benefit from the experience of setting up a resume and having a conversation!

Don’t overdress to impress

There are multiple options in terms of dress: a full suit, a pencil skirt and a blazer, dress pants and a button down, the list goes on. The best advice is to keep it business casual.

“Some people go overboard with like flowery bow-ties and pink shirts. Just keep it professional for a business interaction,” mechanical engineering junior Travis Martin said.

Even a nice button-up shirt will do the job if it’s all you have. Don’t be that student who looks ready to attend a wedding after a
9 a.m. class.

Do the talking

A good piece of advice is to pretend that you are the one interviewing the employers.

“What helps me loosen up the ice when I go and talk to somebody is to ask them questions before they ask me questions,” Martin said.

Talking a lot can boost your confidence during short meetings and will display confidence. When employers see you’re taking initiative in the conversation, they’ll notice your assertiveness and ability to hold
a conversation.

Set an Intention

Why do you want to attend the career fair? Is there a certain booth you specifically wanting to visit? Are you going merely to see who’s hiring and what’s available? Before stepping foot inside, know what you want to get out of it. This way, you can avoid using all your time and resources on a company that might be out of
your league.

“Have realistic expectations of who you’ll talk to. Everyone wants to talk to Boeing and Adobe. I just didn’t have enough time,” communications junior Natasha Nguyen said.

Be honest with yourself going into the career fair. Being overly ambitious could cause you to miss out on being at a booth that’s fit for your experience and qualifications.   

Research companies beforehand

You will be more confident once you know exactly what you want, and who you need to talk to for it.

“Look at the list of companies that are going to be there and find a few that you want to talk to and research those companies and look up recent projects or things that they’re doing so you have things to talk about,” Martin said.

Doing research before talking to employers could give you the upper hand. Imagine approaching someone and discussing their latest work. You will likely receive nods
of approval. 

Schedule an appointment with Career Services

Career Services offers a plethora of resources that will boost your performance at the Career Fair. If you’re planning to attend the career fair, it’s a good idea to schedule a meeting with a career counselor beforehand.

“I would definitely recommend going to Career Services. Someone could look over your resume and help you improve it because a lot of times we have a certain skill set and experiences but we don’t know how to condense it in a way that’s professional and attractive to employers,” environmental engineering senior Gerry Cortes said.

Not only will they look over your resume, but counselors will also offer professional advice pertaining to your career path and what booths you
should visit.

The career fair should be exciting, not intimidating. To make it exciting, give it forethought and don’t wing it.

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