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During Week of Welcome (WOW) 2017, Cal Poly experienced more than twice as many arrests as last year.

By the close of the 60th annual WOW orientation, eight arrests were made and 37 citations were given out, according to Cal Poly University Police Department (UPD).

UPD Deputy Chief Brenda Trobaugh said six of these eight arrests for public intoxication occurred on Cal Poly’s campus.

“They were so intoxicated that they couldn’t take care of themselves,” Trobaugh said.

These reports from UPD show numbers are significantly higher than last year, with only two arrests and 27 citations made during WOW 2016.

Violations reported include alcohol related incidents, public offenses and noise offenses.

UPD also added that a nearby store was cited for selling alcohol to minors.

The breakdown for violations from WOW 2017 include the following:

With 1,000 more students in the freshman class than expected, Trobaugh noted that this year most of the larger parties took place on campus.

“You can’t say ‘oh this particular residence hall is partying, this one is known for it,’ because it fluctuates from year to year,” Trobaugh said. “It’s too early to say if there’s a pattern or anything … Normally you don’t see that type of activity from [freshmen] quite so soon … which is definitely putting us on our toes.”

Although violations increased from last year, they are down compared to years prior, according to both the San Luis Obispo Police Department and UPD.

UPD added that in 2014 the department issued 61 citations over the same period.

In 2015, both WOW and SLO Days were made mandatory for all new students, addressing President Armstrong’s desire to strengthen the university’s residential-campus model.

Despite students being kept all day and held late into the night to prevent them from partying, Trobaugh said, “I think some students are gonna do what they want anyway.”

UPD said their number one focus is the overall safety of the campus and education of all the students.

“UPD is here to help and support all of our students and we’re here to keep the whole campus safe,” Trobaugh said.

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