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The trial of Paul and Ruben Flores is being moved to Monterey County after Judge Craig van Rooyen decided that the trial would not be fair and impartial in San Luis Obispo County. 

All parties discussed the possibility of two counties being available for trial, ultimately choosing Monterey. van Rooyen said he reached out to the presiding judge Hon. Pamela L. Butler to see when Monterey County Superior Court would like to take the case. There has been no response yet.

Paul Flores is charged with the murder of former Cal Poly student Kristin Smart. Ruben Flores, Paul Flores’ father, is charged with accessory to the murder. 

Smart was last seen with Paul Flores, also a former Cal Poly student, after walking back with him to the residence halls on campus from an off-campus party. Smart was legally presumed dead in 2002, although her body has not been discovered.

Before court adjourned, Paul Flores’s attorney, Robert Sanger, asked about getting access to discoveries from the Serological Research Institute regarding testing and additional investigation at Cal Poly. A stipulation for release of the portion of soil samples tested was granted and the defense will get the documents as soon as Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle receives them.

The hearing to decide on the courtroom and the date of the trial will be held on Monday, April 25 at 1:30 p.m.