Now that we have settled into our daily routines for this sunny winter quarter, I want to remind the student body of a big upcoming event. On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the Interfraternity Council at Cal Poly begins its Spring Rush Week. This is an opportunity for people to research all fraternities and to get a feel for what they are really about. I invite everyone who is at all interested in greek life to come to the FREE all-greek kick-off barbecue on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 11 a.m. in the UU.

If you have decided that you would like to “Go greek,” great. I’ll see you at Rush. If you disapprove of the greek system and all that it stands for, come out anyways. Ask tough questions. You may be surprised that most of the stereotypes do not hold true. If you are unsure about the greek system, come out to rush. You can form your own opinion. Even if you eventually decide that greek life is not for you, at least you took the chance.

The greek organizations are involved in a variety of events within Cal Poly and the city of San Luis Obispo. We are currently collaborating with the SLO Police Department to prevent a repeat of Mardi Gras 2004. After all the help that fraternities and sororities provided last year in controlling Mardi Gras, the police department once again is expecting Cal Poly greeks to be student leaders within our community.

Many greek members are also planning to participate in spearheading the creation of the 1-in-4 program in conjunction with the Cal Poly Women’s Center. This is a male-student led group that provides sexual abuse counseling and awareness programs to Cal Poly students. This greek involvement will benefit the 1-in-4 program and will hopefully encourage other non-greek males to participate as well.

Rush week is an opportunity to get involved with these, and many more programs. Greek life at Cal Poly is filled with opportunities to develop great friendships as well as your leadership skills. I hope that you take advantage of these opportunities and stop by the kick-off barbecue.

Nicholas B. Leone

Architecture senior

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