Jessica Hische is a graphic designer known for her drive and unique style. Hische is one of the leaders in the design world and has revived calligraphy in recent years. Helen Price | Courtesy Photo

The art of calligraphy has been around for centuries and is still prominent in design today. Its more recent resurgence is in part, due to graphic designer and lettering artist Jessica Hische, according to AIGA Cal Poly president Kelli Chollar.

“She is the kind of designer [that] will be in history books, like she is that. It sounds kind of cheesy, but it is just really cool to hear from a huge name in design as she is becoming that huge name in design. Like it’s not like ‘Oh I had a career for 800 years and now I get to talk to you,’ like she is actively working,” graphic design senior Chollar said.

Hische was invited to Cal Poly by the Cal Poly and Santa Barbara chapters of AIGA. AIGA is the professional association for design, according to Santa Barbara chapter vice president and Cal Poly liaison Rachell Newburn.

Jessica Hische | Courtesy Photo

“It’s exciting to see the partnership between AIGA Santa Barbara and AIGA Cal Poly and even the art and design department at Cal Poly collaborate together in order to bring this really world-renowned speaker here,” Newburn said.

Hische will speak Friday, April 6, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics (building 180), room 101. The talk will be free and open to all students and community members interested in learning about Hische and her success in the graphic design industry.

Hische began her career working for another renowned graphic artist, Louise Fili, and has drawn a lot of inspiration from Fili’s work, according to Chollar. Both Hische and Fili are known for her detailed lettering and typeface.

Since then, Hische has moved on to become a freelance designer, choosing her customers and her projects at will. As stated on Hische’s website, she has worked with Adobe, Apple and former United States president Barack Obama, to name a few.

“She has made a successful career as a freelance designer. So from a student’s perspective, as they kind of emerge into the professional industry of design, seeing someone that was able to become [such a] requested and cultivated designer is pretty inspiring,” Newburn said.

According to Newburn, Hische was able to become so successful due to her initiative to design her own work while also working for other companies.

Hische focuses on logos, logo redesign, lettering and has also published several books. According to Chollar, Hische is very interactive with her clients and fan base, posting Instagram live feeds and showing her step-by-step process.

AIGA Cal Poly worked diligently to bring Hische to Cal Poly with the help of sponsors in hopes that the graphic design community and beyond could benefit and be inspired by her work.  

“I think that for creative-minded people it will be so beneficial to hear from a creative that has done so well … but I also think that it is hugely beneficial for non-creatives too because you get a peek into that and kind of understand because realistically any people will be working with designers. I strongly believe that graphic design is integral to every profession everywhere,” Chollar said.

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