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The Cross Cultural Centers on campus hasn’t forgotten a November party near Cal Poly that drew national criticsm for its allegedly racist and sexist theme.

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Cal Poly is still feeling the repercussions of a “Colonial Bros and Nava-hos”-themed party. This week, the Cross Cultural Centers is holding, “From Party Theme to Protest,” the second installment of its social justice series, The Movement.

The topic was derived from the controversial party, which occurred this past November and gained national attention.

At the event, there will be discussion about the party and how party themes reflect college campuses in general. But instead of telling students how to feel about the event, Cross Cultural Center assistant director Erin Echols said she just wants to make students aware.

“We’re really not advocating for them to take one direction or the other, just presenting them with options that they might not have known about,” Echols said.

The Movement is a series focusing on current events, and its goal is to encourage students to speak up.

“We wanted it to be an opportunity for students to learn a little bit about past activism, what they can do,” Echols said. “We really hope to inspire them to take the actions that they might want to take.”

The Cross Cultural Centers collaborated with some other areas of campus in the events planning, she said.

“Hopefully, we get some really passionate students who come to that, who take something away from it, and use it to take some action on campus,” Echols said.

“The Movement: From Party Theme to Protest” will be  on Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m in the Julian A. McPhee University Union (building 65), room 207.

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  1. There was no proof that this party ever existed (because it didn’t), or else said fraternity would have been punished. It was just blown up by a bunch of bad journalism and rumors. Let it go already.

    1. A friend of mine says that the party that was complained about was titled “The Thanksgiving Exchange.” She thinks her source is credible, but isn’t 100% sure.

      But yes, we have literally no confirmation that the party was titled as everyone continues to claim it was titled.

      1. then stop addressing it as so. stop purposely tarnishing a fraternity’s reputation. how would you like it if someone made a rumor about the mustang news and continually said it was true? yea, doesn’t feel too good does it.

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