I am writing to remind people about the importance of Oct 2. On that day over a century ago, a man was born who led a fight to free a country from tyranny. His teachings and philosophy would later inspire other revolutionaries such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez to stand up and fight against oppression; to fight without guns or bullets, but with patience, tolerance, and will power. He was a simple old man, who wore nothing but a cloth over his waist and a cloth over his shoulder, who leaned over a staff as his only support.

His name was Mohandas Gandhi. And he led the earliest march to the Indian ocean, imprinting his footsteps in the heart of Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez, who followed the example and marched to their own goals, followed by thousands of followers. One doesn’t have to be Indian to understand and implement the only weapons Gandhi had: truth and nonviolence. Every American in this country understands his example and has seen the power of it through King and Chavez. In a time when we are overcome at times with war, terror and fear it is only just that on this day we take the time to remember an old man who stood against the same obstacles when he took on an empire. Gandhi’s teachings never grow old, and they have withstood the test of time even after his death nearly 60 years ago.

R. Rayadurg
mechanical engineering junior

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