All right, now that they’ve all had their fun being completely belligerent to nonbelievers around the world, I think it’s time for Muslims to get over it. Just because somebody insults the founder of their religion is no reason for the world’s Muslims to call for the beheading of the satirical cartoonist who was trying to make the point that Mohammed just might not approve of suicide bombing. The fact is that nobody cared much about this cartoon published in a Danish newspaper back in September until Muslim clerics brought it down to the Middle East to purposefully incite anti-Western sentiment; I think their ploy worked. Congratulations Imam Whoeveryouare, really stellar work on your part!

But I think there is a better solution for Muslims. Rather than call for the complete annihilation of the West and the deaths of anybody who insults their Prophet, I call on tolerant Muslims to speak out against the violence and hate of their fellow followers.

Surely peace is something that Mohammed would strive for, and something that the world’s Muslims should, too. Let’s work together to peacefully eliminate intolerance in the world, whether it is against Muslims or within them.

Ryan Hunter

Mechanical engineering senior

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