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Reported by students for the greater SLO community.

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Long on words, short on facts

I would like to respond to Mr. Coury’s commentary concerning America, war and business. Though seemingly palatable on the surface, one doesn’t have to look very far into his arguments to find that he is not only lacking facts to back up his claims, he is lacking a cohesive argument. Sure, America’s defense contractors make […]

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A few arguments against illegal immigration

There are many arguments for allowing undocumented workers in America; here are some against illegal immigration. Though illegals immigrants contribute to the economy, they lower working wages for American workers. Why is it that some business owners violate the law by hiring illegal immigrants? Is it because they are better workers or more educated? No, […]

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A not so gentle reminder

In the commentary Monday concerning the new movie about the heroic efforts of Americans to deter Islamic extremists from flying a plane into a building, Ms. Marschall made it seem that any American who wants to relive the “tragedy” is a bloodthirsty savage. What she did not tell you, unfortunately, is that many of the […]

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Get over it

All right, now that they’ve all had their fun being completely belligerent to nonbelievers around the world, I think it’s time for Muslims to get over it. Just because somebody insults the founder of their religion is no reason for the world’s Muslims to call for the beheading of the satirical cartoonist who was trying […]