I have had the pleasure of living behind a house full of five girls for the last year. For the most part, it has been a great experience and the underlying reason for this great experience has been attributed to one person in particular, that person is Anne Giapapas. Giapapas is precisely the type of person who could tackle the job of ASI president with the calm demeanor appropriate for the most prestigious of all positions of public service within the university. With close living quarters came insight into the true character of Giapapas. Not only has Giapapas tackled school work with a voracious tenacity fitting that of a tazmanian devil but has also juggled her scholastic work flawlessly with extracurricular jobs at one of the most popular restaurants in town as well as taking care of two young children for one of Cal Poly’s own employees.

The simple fact that she has the ability to maintain a social life among her many activities commands respect but what has gathered the most respect from me has been her way with the young children she looks after. I can only hope that people are able to meet this young woman and realize that any doubt towards her experience should easily been extinguished due to the simple fact that her character will shine through in any situation. When it is time to go to the polls, realize one thing and one thing only, that each one of you are voting for the person and the character buried within that person and Anne Giapapas’ character is one that everyone should feel undeniably confident with.

Tom Magee

Agricultural science graduate

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