Mustang Daily Staff Report

Approximately 40 makers, performers and vendors showcased their innovations at the San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire on Saturday in Mission Plaza. Below are some highlights from the event.

Oren Levy, an engineer at Music Man, makes guitars from scratch. The pieces he brought were “just out of the wood mill.”

Another presenter displayed remote-controlled cars — some with LED lights and others that can dust around the house.

Electrical engineering junior Alex Klimaj showed off a 3-D printed rose he made. “So, 3-D printing basically takes plastic and puts it down onto other layers of plastic,” he said.

Members of SLO IdeaLab presented their 3-D printer. The collaborative MakerSpace shop is home to other equipment such as laser cutters and industrial sewing machines.

Carly Rickards and Maggie Kaiserman contributed to this staff report.

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