Jenna Brown

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Students took a break from studying on Tuesday, with help from a few new friends. For the first time ever, goats came to the library.

“This is the perfect break between classes right now,” physics senior Mason Roberts said. “I actually don’t think I’ve ever petted a goat before, but I was extremely excited for all of it.”

There were eight goats on the library lawn, all between one and three months old. Students pet the goats and picked them up.

“If you just look at these little guys, they warm your heart,” goat owner and Animal Science freshman Taylor Lindquist said. “I know some people have been having a really stressful quarter so I figured, why not bring them out? It’s also really good socialization for them, because we want them to be super comfortable with people.”

The goats were brought to campus in collaboration with the Robert E. Kennedy Library Stressbusters as a way for students to relax.

“We have so many students who approach us and say, ‘This really made my day,’” Stressbusters committee chair Conny Liegl said.

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