I’d like to thank the Mustang Daily for allowing an important point to come through in their Women of Engineering series- that the Men of Engineering are awesome in their treatment of the female engineers.

A big thank you goes out especially to the professors and male students of the Mechanical Engineering department. You guys rock!

Thank you for not only accepting me as an engineer, but for your help and your friendship. This shows that respect and equality are no longer ideals we are striving for, but a reality at Cal Poly. I have never felt out of place in our classes or labs. I look forward to working with you in the industry soon!

With your attitudes, female engineers will soon be as common as female doctors. To the professors, keep up the good work! You obviously care about making our school and department more diverse.

I have one suggestion to the MD. How about a series on Men in Liberal Studies? That sounds tough.

Lori Brooks

Mechanical engineering senior

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