I hate to be one that keeps adding to how distorted Mr. Kirkish’s views are on the greek system, but I feel another low was hit in the arguments. While required to do a philanthropy, it means more to us than feeding the homeless. We actually had TWO philanthropies by choice last year: one winning Philanthropy of the Year and the other raising money for the Breast Cancer Foundation, which has significant meaning to many members of our house including myself. In fact, I have a bowl of pink yogurt lids in the kitchen to send in which will contribute more money to the foundation. We would hope the money we raise is appreciated considering it may have an impact on you some day.

As for treating girls like playthings, I met my girlfriend through the greek system and whoa, we were sober! I dont think she would be playing along for two years, seven months. Have a little more respect.

On hazing. Mr. Kirkish called rush week hazing week. If that’s the hazing he sees, I was unaware recruiting was hazing; not to mention dry. Many fraternities here pride the fact that they were founded on non-hazing over 200 years ago and it stays true today. Instead of thinking that we pay for friends, think of it as paying for experiences and leadership opportunities you cannot gain anywhere else in college. It’s a bold statement to say considering the narrow 50 you have on Facebook.

What bothers me are the shallow generalizations Scott makes without testing the waters himself.

Matt Stephenson
Recreation, parks and tourism senior
Vice president of Sigma Nu Fraternity

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