Ever since the whole ordeal began about the Cal Poly Salsa Club’s posters, I have been greatly amused by all the antics of these men and women who firmly believe in the idea of censorship. I could completely understand the severity of the advertisement if it displayed bare-chested women arousing willing men in the un-holiest of provocative positions, but they don’t. Unless I need a new prescription for my glasses, I was not aware of any inappropriate material displayed in these attractive pictures. There are more scantily clad breasts flopping around at the beach (a public, family destination) than any of these tasteful posters. Censoring them is taking a huge step back in what some of our parents fought for back in the 60’s.

I am not advocating that pornography should be used to attract potential salsa dancing enthusiasts, but showing a little skin is obviously the style right now. Sitting in the UU, I can see that it is extremely easy to sneak a peak at some cleavage or catch a glance at a cute girl’s butt, but I don’t see the censors slapping stickers over that. What would happen if they tried?

In Europe, topless game shows are shown on TV on a daily basis at all hours. They frolic topless and naked on beaches in Australia, both men and women. I’d like to see one of the censors slap a sticker on Crocodile Dundee’s knife. The truth is that it’s not a big deal. Everyone has breasts, one way or the other. Some are big and some are little. They’re all there. Some people really just need to grow up and accept their bodies for what they are.

Mark Mraule

Economics senior

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