In Tuesday’s paper, an editorial referred to Deputy Prime Minister Shaath’s claim that George Bush said he thought God was speaking directly to him. This led to his decisions regarding Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror.

This supposedly occurred while in a meeting with Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas. What the writer neglected to mention was that the White House immediately denied such a claim and the Palestinian president himself said “he never heard President Bush making any statement linking what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq with any religious points of view.” Deputy Prime Minister Nabil Shaath even changed his statement saying it was really just a “figure of speech.” Now I don’t think that Jack Ingram wrote the editorial knowing that it was baseless, but it’s obvious he’s not a fan of Bush and didn’t do much research. Do some people dislike President Bush so much that they will believe any negative story no matter how ridiculous? It seems the answer is unfortunately yes. The editorial was supposed to show how out of touch President Bush was with the American people. What it showed me was how out of touch some people are with President Bush.

Adam Christensen

Industrial engineering senior

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