Dearest Mustang Daily,

I take the bus to Cal Poly daily and enough is enough. Damn those effing people that walk in front of the bus making the 60 or so students on board wait. And wait. Get off your phone, stop reading and pay attention! Is that too much to ask? It is as if they are the only people in this world who are trying to navigate their way across campus in order to be on time? Every day the bus gets held up by these bus-stallers. It is inevitable that it will happen, but what peeves me are those last stragglers that just have to cross in front of the buses. And don’t think that we don’t notice who you are. After waiting for a seamlessly ending stream of what appeared to be “The Frosh” to pass (they resemble cattle), our ASI President, Tyler Middlestadt, was thoughtful and courteous enough to halt the flood of students and allow us to pass. I knew that there was a reason why I voted for him. Kudos Tyler and shame on the rest of you too busy not paying attention.

Friends don’t let friends walk around like jackasses. Help someone out.

Pedro Hernandez

Social science junior

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