As one of the few books published in the nation to address color conception and printing scourges, “Print Publishing Guide,” is a resource for design, production and prepress.

Written by Cal Poly graphic communications professor Brian Lawler and published by Peachpit, the book informs its readers about color and commercial printing, constructing a publication, imaging and proofing and project management guidelines.

“It’s a wonderful book that’s needed by the graphic arts industry,” Graphic Communications Department Head Harvey Robert Levenson said.

Designers, editors and people who consider printing brochures, articles or anything else independent from contractors or companies can refer to the book to predict the outcome of pictures.

Lawler says the book helps people who wish to print pictures adequately and effectively without any disappointments.

“The book guides people to prepare artwork for printing,” Lawler said. “It teaches how to work with printers, and how to avoid trouble and disappointment.”

The book took about seven months to write, starting in January. It’s the second edition of its kind and will be sold at bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Lawler says he hopes Adobe Press considers adopting the book as an official manual for the company.

The book is not a technical guidance book on Quark or Adobe, but rather a conceptual book to teach its readers how to work with all programs, Lawler said.

Lawler graduated from Cal Poly in 1976 with a degree in graphic communications. He has written technical assistance books for companies like Kodak and Apple. He currently writes a column for an online company,

Lawler says his knowledge of print production transpires by curiosity, probing and exploring programs to find the most efficient ways to print without disappointments.

He has been working in the graphic communications industry for 28 years.

During his sophomore year in college, Lawler started his own company called Tintype Graphic Arts, and worked with the company until it merged in 1973 with Black Printery to form the Graphic Center.

Lawler teaches as a lecturer for Hum 303, Values and Technology and GrC 101, Introduction to Graphic Communications.

“I’m delighted to have him bring the knowledge that no one else can bring to the department,” Levenson said.

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