Walking around Cal Poly’s campus, students may have come across flyers advertising the chance to receive a 20% off deal on Nite Creamery ice cream.

That deal is exclusively for Cal Poly students, who can scan a QR code from flyers or fill out a form with their name, email and phone number.

Once the survey is filled out, screenshot the discount and present the coupon to the Nite Creamery for a discounted dessert before the offer expires on June 30.   

“As a college student, I don’t have a ton of money and am always looking for a good deal,” biology senior Lauren Tarica said. “Plus I have an avid sweet tooth which makes the deal more appealing to me.” 

The Nite Creamery is a specialty ice cream shop located in downtown San Luis Obispo that serves nitro-crafted ice cream, which according to Nite Creamery’s website helps avoid freezer burn and ice crystals that traditional ice cream tends to have.