Hip Hop Choreo Club performing at Cal Poly's PolyCultural Weekend.

Hip Hop Choreo Club gives a broad range of students a sense of community on Cal Poly’s campus.

Hip Hop Choreo Club was just one of the many clubs showcased at Cal Poly’s PolyCultural Weekend, held April 8-10. The weekend was meant to show incoming Cal Poly students different cultural outlets for them to get involved with on campus.

Founder of Hip Hop Choreo Club Daniel Kim said when he first came to Cal Poly he felt out of place.

“It wasn’t a culture shock, but a large part of my life was missing,” Kim said. “So, I took things into my own hands and started this club.”

He believes culture is more than just ethnicity, it is who you are and where you came from. Kim says the group consists of a lot of different people from different backgrounds and cultures that come together for one common passion.

While the group started with only six members, it has grown to have more than 20 in the past year. One of the first members of the club was industrial engineering sophomore Jay Matsumoto.

“Coming to Cal Poly, I was actually really, really nervous and I couldn’t find a sense of community for myself,” Matsumoto said. “When I went to Hip Hop Choreo Club they were very inclusive and friendly and I knew right away that was the family I wanted to be apart of for the next four years.”

If students want to get involved in the group, they can attend the club’s weekly dance workshops held every Thursday at 9 p.m. in the Recreation Center.

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