Ryan Chartrand

The bright lights, the late nights and the constant flow of alcohol are what consumed my weekend as I ventured to the 21-and-over’s Disneyland. Yes, I was in the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

For my best friend’s 21st birthday, five of us ladies traveled to Nevada in hopes of an unforgettable weekend. Needless to say, it definitely was. Although the motto “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is present in my mind, I don’t mind sharing with you a few of our adventures.

Our first night there, we partied at the club Tao in the Venetian hotel. A friend of mine who lives there knew a guy who knew a guy who let us all go straight in, ahead of the endless line of girls waiting at the door and skipping the $20 cover fee. The DJ was amazing and we danced the night away, making our first evening in Vegas my favorite.

The next day we awoke from our drunken slumber and made our way to the “lazy pool” at the MGM where the current just floats you around. When some men from Salt Lake City approached us and offered to buy us a drink, we couldn’t refuse. I mean, as much as I don’t agree with women using men for money, I’ve learned that rules are very different in Vegas. Plus, when drinks are $9 apiece and you’re there on a budget, any free drink is very welcome. Five margaritas and a Corona later, I was feelin’ good as I sunbathed with a smile on my face.

After having a necessary nap, we headed out to Pure nightclub at the Caesar’s Palace hotel. Again, with my friend knowing someone there, we got our VIP stamps and headed straight through the doors. The DJ wasn’t as good and my hangover was starting to kick in, so Pure wasn’t so fun for me. Especially when I asked the bartender for a glass of water and she responded by serving me a tiny bottle for $8, I was starting to get over it.

Soon we headed to Shadow, the lounge bar at Caesar’s, where we were approached by some men in town for a bachelor party claiming they had an amazing suite that we should check out. Even though it seemed like the cheesiest pick-up line ever, my friends were in awe of being in a two-story suite. Sure enough, we headed up to the 71st floor and they had a pretty amazing suite with all the amenities you could imagine. As I sat there with my hangover, wanting nothing more than to be in a nice, cozy bed, I watched as these men attempted to make some moves on my friends and realized that some people do believe that what happens in Vegas stays there. Did the guys forget they were all engaged or married or something?

The next and final night there we got the ultimate hook-up when one of the girls knew the owner of the club OPM at Caesar’s Palace. Talk about VIP status! We passed the outrageous line and cover price and headed straight to the private lounge, complete with personal waitresses there at our beck and call. We felt like we were living large, getting a taste of what it’s like to “be someone” in the sin city.

As we headed home on Sunday for what turned out to be a horrendous 11-hour drive, I realized the city had taught me some valuable lessons:

1. Always pre-drink before you go anywhere because drinks are at least $10 each.

2. Always accept free drinks, but know that the person buying it is generally after something, and more often that not, they are crazy.

3. Status is everything! Be prepared to spend some serious cash if you don’t have any connections (yes, even if you are a girl!

4. Skip the drive and fly, trust me! After moving five miles in three hours, I would have paid any amount for an airline ticket.

And finally, enjoy yourself! You are in one of the most visited cities in the world, and it is truly spectacular; live it up while you can.

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